CollegeVine Class of 2023 Pro-Bono Scholarship


Since our inception, we have worked with pro bono students who did not have the financial means to use a college advisor, helping them gain acceptance and scholarships to higher ed institutions like Stanford, UCBerkeley, Duke, and more. Helping students who do not have advantages is a central part of our mission and who we are.

This year, we want to help more students like these—talented, driven, and ambitious individuals with good hearts who, due to one circumstance or another, might not have access to expert admissions guidance. As such, we are formally announcing the CollegeVine Class of 2023 Pro-Bono Scholarship, accepting applications until November 1st, 2018.


Qualified applicants will:


Selected winners will be paired with a personal CollegeVine near-peer consultant and receive unlimited hours of application guidance and essay editing for either their top school, top 3 schools, or entire school list.

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